Amazon cloud service outages in Northern Virginia …

Instagram, Vine and Netflix hit by Amazon glitch (Source: BBC). Apparently there are problems at an Amazon data center in Northern Virginia. Interesting, what other big data center could we think of that’s also in Northern Virginia?

‘Disneyland for Hookers’ opens in Zurich

Switzerland, where I have been a guest worker for the past three years, never ceases to amaze me. Now we have a sex trade theme park (source: BBC).

The art of limerick writing is alive and well – even on Wall Street!

Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Goose, who has made it his mission to promote economic awareness through limericks.

Oprah ‘suffers racism’ in Zurich

Racism is alive and well in Switzerland, it seems.

Oprah snubbed in Zurich upmarket store – source BBC

Switzerland segregates asylum-seekers – Source BBC

Study Guide for ‘No Smoke’.

Click here to download the free Study Guide for No Smoke by D K Janotta.