My Youtube Playlist for ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’

Here’s a link to the selection of the music I was listening to whilst writing ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’. Have fun spotting the themes.

FPV_cover_small    Play it again, ladies and gents!





Justin Hawkins and his aching leg – aka The boys are back in Solothurn

The Darkness - SolothurnJustin and his band of merry men were on fine form last Wednesday evening at the Kulturfabrik Kofmehl in Solothurn, Switzerland. With plenty of Brits in the audience, even some come all the way from Norfolk, the banter flew thick and fast, interspersing the band’s raw energy, Dan’s supercharged riffs and his big brother’s massive falsetto and twiddly solos. Even Rufus got a cheer or nineteen, and Frankie was, well, just Frankie.

Watch The Darkness live at Solothurn, January 20th 2016 and see what a fantastic live show you missed, especially Justin’s teeny lederhosen.

Danke veelmols, boys!

The Darkness

Turn up the volume! Bareback