Bob Colonna’s take on the Scottish Play

Macbeth, the bold Scottish barbarian,
Let drop the big sword he was carryin’.
He’d heard quite enough
When his rival, Macduff,
Announced that his birth was cesarean.

by Bob Colonna, composer of limericks extraordinaire!

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While the Chinese baby who survived being flushed down the toilet is all over the news this week, let’s spare a thought for two new-borns in the Czech Republic who weren’t so lucky.

Czech Republic against relaxing arms embargo to Syria.

The Czech Republic is against relaxing the arms embargo to Syria.   

Speaking ahead of an EU meeting of foreign ministers in Brussels Czech Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg said the Czech Republic would join Austria, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands in opposing such a move, not least because more weapons would only lead to further violence and in the present situation there is no saying where they might end up.   

Responding to the argument that more weapons would help the opposition force President Assad into a negotiated settlement, Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg pointed out that the opposition in Syria was already getting weapons from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey and that had not helped it oust the regime.           

Source: Radio Prague                                  


An author who lives near Geneva
Has an interesting working procedure.
He gets up at ten,
Writes for four hours and then
spends the afternoon having a breather.

Twitter page for ‘The Girl Who Put Out The Fire’ is up!

Here’s the link to the Twitter page for my ebook ‘The Girl Who Put Out The Fire’.

One-liner published on IndieTribe

A one-liner from my book ‘The Girl Who Put Out The Fire’ has been posted on the Indietribe website.