Satoshi Kon


I’m addicted to cinema. I’m reluctant to tell you how many movies I own, but the number is in excess of two hundred and increasing. Three of my latest treasures are anime movies directed by Japanese master storyteller Satoshi Kon: in order of release date ‘Perfect Blue’, ‘Tokyo Godfathers’ and ‘Paprika’. I recently discovered several interesting reviews of Mr Kon’s work, whilst browsing on YouTube, as is my habit most weekends. The reviews piqued my interest as it appears that Satoshi Kon and I share some ideas, traits and themes in our respective works. I wouldn’t say I’d been directly influenced by Mr. Kon, as I’d  written and published ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’ long before the maestro blipped up on my radar, but it seems he influenced Christopher Nolan, one of the movie directors whose work I most definitely acknowledge.

Sadly, Satoshi Kon is no longer with us, having died of cancer in 2010, but his inventive movies live on, cinematic masterpieces in which he blurs reality with dreams, warps space and time, and creates marvelous fantasy and sometimes nightmare worlds for his multiple-persona characters to jump between.

I think I’ll go order ‘Millenium Actress’.


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