Book Club Questions for ‘Fifty Percent Vampire’

1.Think about Truth in Fifty Percent Vampire. What is Truth? Are there many Truths? Who is telling the truth? Is Astrid Sonnschein a very trustworthy person? Why or why not?

2.To what degree did you make assumptions about Astrid Sonnschein early on based on the facts and appearances presented? How did those change over time and why? How did your assumptions about her affect your reading of the central mystery in the book? Did your assumptions about her change over its course? What other characters did you make assumptions about? How did your assumptions affect your interpretation of the plot? Having now finished reading Fifty Percent Vampire, what surprised you the most?

3. There is a lot of irony in Fifty Percent Vampire. How much of it did you spot?

4. Ophelia Sonnschein became a vampire at the tender age of 19. Do you think she has matured much since that time? If not, why not?

5. What does Fifty Percent Vampire say about race and gender relations?

6. Why does Astrid Sonnschein know so little about the world? How does she adapt to life at Rosenberg High? How does her character develop over the course of the story?

7. What is the role of religion in Astrid Sonnschein’s world?

8. Fifty Percent Vampire is told in several first person voices. What do you think D.K. Janotta achieves by telling the story in this way?

9. How has Astrid Sonnschein’s education been influenced by her stepfather’s choice of reading matter?

10. Do vampires really exist? Do people think they exist because of the fiction that has been written about them? Or is there some truth in the fiction that has been written about them?



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