Turkey, Brazil, Bulgaria … The protests continue

After reading this BBC article about the growing unrest around the world I felt I had to comment on it.

Here’s what I wrote.

“It’s not only young people who should be protesting. All of those who have children should show our concern too. Like many, I have young children who are not old enough to protest or vote, and like many, I’m concerned about their future. Where are their jobs going to come from? Protest is not just for the young, it’s for everyone.”

US Immigration policy – outsourcing IT jobs

The debate about outsourcing America’s IT jobs to India continues. This is one of the subjects I discuss in my book ‘No Smoke’. The implications of such a policy are clear for American and European workers. Read the BBC report here.

Czech Prime Minister’s Office raided by anti-corruption police

I started writing my recently-published book ‘No Smoke’ three years ago. One of the main themes of the book is corruption in government. I feel justified in my choice of subject matter today because of this.

Read more about the large-scale raids on Czech government offices here at the BBC.

Sources: Radio Prague, BBC.

Czech scientists invent flying bicycle

Wonder if this will ever take off? Czech researchers have successfully flown a bicycle.

Source: BBC.

Now if only they can think of way to stamp out bicycle theft. Regrettably it’s a Czech national pastime; only last weekend my six-year-old nephew was deprived of his – at his village sports day, would you believe?

Switzerland votes overwhelmingly to tighten asylum law

So, the Swiss don’t want any more economic refugees in their country, but they don’t mind that the super-rich that live here continue to get away with paying low taxes.

Read the full report here at Deutsche Welle.

The Girl With The Stick-On Tattoo

Henrik Vanger sat staring for hours
At the wall, in his office, with flowers.
Detective Morell
Was baffled as well;
This case was beyond his police powers.

“Mikael Blomkvist’s the journo for me!
I saw him last night on tv.
He’ll come live in my hut
And freeze off his butt
If I pay him a big enough fee.”

So Blomkvist was sent for and hired,
Far from happy with what was required.
Asked to track down a teen
Who’d for years not been seen,
He declared that he’d rather be fired.

Lawyer Dirk got our hero to stay
With a promise of increase in pay
If he’d find Vanger’s niece
His reward would increase –
By how much we would rather not say.

Turns out Martin was killing off women
And Harriet took her dad swimming.
Gottfried his name,
Raping daughters his game,
So it wasn’t a sin to do him in.

Blomkvist went down in the cellar
Which was not an idea that was stellar.
Soon he was swinging,
And Martin was singing;
He wasn’t the cleverest feller.

In the nick of time enter our Liz
That undersized technical whizz.
She don’t take no shit
and hit Martin a bit
With a golf club, apparently his.

So Blomkvist was saved once agin
From the mess he had got himself in.
Then Erika said
“Come dear, let’s go to bed,
That Salander girl’s way far too thin.”

© D. K. Janotta 2013

‘The Girl Who Put Out The Fire’ reviewed at Bluestalking

Read the review here.

‘The Girl Who Put Out The Fire’ is now available for free download at Amazon.com (from June 5th until June 9th).