Justin Hawkins and his aching leg – aka The boys are back in Solothurn

The Darkness - SolothurnJustin and his band of merry men were on fine form last Wednesday evening at the Kulturfabrik Kofmehl in Solothurn, Switzerland. With plenty of Brits in the audience, even some come all the way from Norfolk, the banter flew thick and fast, interspersing the band’s raw energy, Dan’s supercharged riffs and his big brother’s massive falsetto and twiddly solos. Even Rufus got a cheer or nineteen, and Frankie was, well, just Frankie.

Watch The Darkness live at Solothurn, January 20th 2016 and see what a fantastic live show you missed, especially Justin’s teeny lederhosen.

Danke veelmols, boys!

The Darkness live

At last. They’re here! English rockers The Darkness are paying a rare visit to Switzerland this evening and I’m finally getting to see them. I’ve been a huge fan of this band and their wry sense of humor ever since they released their first album ‘Permission to Land’, and vowed at the time this was one band I just had to see live. Several years later, my dream is coming true.

The Darkness live in Solothurn, Switzerland, today, January 20th 2016.


German lesson

For those among you who read German I just came across this absolute gem of a sentence. It’s grammatical structure is amazing!

‘Ein seitens der Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe zum Transport der vorläufig Festgenommenen zur Verfügung gestellte Bus wurde wiederum durch Täter des linksautonomen Spektrums angegriffen und erheblich beschädigt.’

Here’s a very basic translation:-

‘A bus made available by the Leipzig traffic authority for the transport of those arrested was in turn attacked and substantially damaged by members of the leftist Spektrum group.’

You can read the police report from which this impressive sentence came here

Angela Merkel invited me

I have friends who recently emigrated from the Czech Republic to northern Germany in the hope of a better education and life for their chidren. Their timing could not have been worse.

Cologne New Year’s Eve violence

Short Story ‘Bad News’ published on NoiseTrade Books website

Today I published my short story ‘Bad News’ on the NoiseTrade Books website. Download it for free here. Formats available are Kindle, Epub and Pdf.

Real Life Vampires

Just in case you still thought vampires were purely fictional, the BBC reports today on the people who drink human blood.

Reality is sometimes stranger than YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Fiction.

Charlie Chaplin’s speech from ‘The Great Dictator’

Charlie Chaplin’s impassioned plea for brotherhood and goodwill at the climax of ‘The Great Dictator’.

I think you can guess the relevance to yesterday’s events in Paris.